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Physically Located in America

Physically located in America:

VPN Alliance building all of our servers in US data centers is a big deal! Users inside the United States benefit from their data never leaving the United States which leads to higher speeds, lower latency, and ensures their data only traverses trusted networks. Americans traveling and working outside of the US won’t lose access to the websites they regularly use, such as banking websites and secure office servers. This keeps your data safe, secure, and accessible.

Map of USA with Starts and Stripes
Fast Connction
Speedometer indicating a high rate of speed.

Fast speeds:

VPN Alliance’s distribution of servers and use of multiple advanced tunneling protocols allows you to have secure and fast internet connections no matter where you are in the world. We closely monitor network performance, and all of our servers have unlimited bandwidth which means all VPN Alliance users do too.

No Leaks

No leaks!

VPN Alliance takes your security and anonymity seriously. When you use our Quick Setup apps or the OpenVPN Connect app, VPN Alliance configurations ensure you are fully protected from IPv6 leaks, DNS leaks, and webRTC leaks. Additionally, when using the OpenVPN App, a killswitch (seamless tunnel) ensures that if your data connection pauses for any reason, like when your device wakes up from sleep-mode, or switches from mobile data to WiFi, your internet connection will pause momentarily until the VPN connection is restored. This means that no traffic will be transmitted without being protected by VPN Alliance. 

Pipe with a crack in it, leaking digital information
Zero log policy

Zero logs policy:

shredding machine, shredding log files.

While many VPN providers claim not to keep any logs, some continue to keep logs of customer IP addresses, bandwidth usage, timestamps, and sometimes even the websites you visit! At VPN Alliance, we do not log customer data including browsing history, IP addresses, device information, DNS queries, or traffic logs. We don't even ask for your name! We only keep the minimum information needed to take your payment and provide customer service, allowing for maximum anonymity and privacy.

No regional content

No regional content limits

VPN Alliance’s US-based servers mask your device’s IP address, avoiding geographic restrictions. This means you can access internet content that may not normally be available outside the United States. This is useful for streaming TV only available in the United States, as well as ensuring you can maintain access to important websites related to work or business, no matter where you are in the world.

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Safe public WiFi

Safe public WiFi:

Shield with Wi-Fi Bars embossed on it.

WiFi networks can be unsafe without ensuring you are connected to the network you intend to be and the WiFi you are using is secure, up to date, and private. Without a reliable and trustworthy VPN you may not be totally safe, especially when the WiFi network is not managed by a professional network engineer or doesn't have up to date software - most don't. Hackers and government agents spy on public WiFi networks using automated botnets at cafes, libraries, hotels, even airports! These bad actors can easily intercept and view the data on your computer and record your internet traffic. VPN Alliance creates a military grade encryption tunnel to our servers, preventing these man-in-the-middle attacks and making your traffic private and unreadable.

Reliable support teams

Reliable local support team:

VPN Alliance has a highly experienced in-house support team. We are efficient in assisting our users with connectivity issues and setting up different devices. We can answer most questions and concerns quickly over email, and are able to call you to speak over the phone if desired. We are always happy to help you, your family, or your organization get the quick answers you need!

Customer Service Agent wearing a headset
Years of experience
padlock with data lines leading to it

Years of experience in cybersecurity:

We are a group of cybersecurity professionals who have been providing our unique expertise in the industry for over 10 years. We created VPN Alliance because we couldn’t find a VPN service that met our exacting standards of quality, security, privacy, and convenience for our personal and professional use. The VPN Alliance has a deep heritage of providing innovative methods for detecting and securing internet connectivity. Now, we want to share it with you.

Unlimite data transfer

Unlimited data:

Unlike with many other providers, there is no limit to the amount of data your devices can use on the VPN Alliance network. There are zero overage fees and no possibility your device will be cut off for using too much data. We actually encourage using all the data you want! This means you can do 100% of your streaming and video-calling securely on our network without worrying about being stopped by a data cap.

Cloud with unlimited symbol on it connected to data lines
Zero attak Vector

Zero attack vector:

Fist blocking attacking arrows

This is one of our main advantages over other VPN providers! We use highly specialized servers running a special blend of VPN protocols and only store server configurations in temporary memory which is wiped every 24 hours. This, in combination with our anonymous data tunnels, separation of our public website from our VPN encryption servers, and isolation of our customer management system from the public internet, means our systems have virtually no traceable connections between them which severely reduces any vulnerabilities.

Concurrent connection

Concurrent connections:

Our plans allow for up to 10 devices to simultaneously use the VPN Alliance, while our Secured Router and Team/Business plans allow for an almost unlimited number of your Family’s or Business’ devices to connect and get secured. If you need more than 10 devices at once for any reason, just ask - this limit is intended only to prevent account abuse!

Globe connected to 2 computers and a smartphone
Squid proxy
Squid crossed out

No squid proxy:

The VPN Alliance is a premium service and does NOT use a squid proxy or any similar caching tools. Squid proxies and similar tools save and reuse frequently requested web-pages and DNS requests. This is a major internet security flaw and can introduce vulnerabilities that hackers exploit. With a compromised squid proxy, the traffic your device requests could be coming from an erroneous or malicious source. While on the VPN Alliance network, you know 100% of your data is originating from the website where you requested it.

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