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How to set up VPN Alliance with OpenVPN for Windows:

For the most secure connection and automatic VPN connectivity, use the OpenVPN Connect client app below

1. Click the button below to download the VPN Alliance configuration file and Open VPN Client Application for Windows10.

For the 32-bit installer: Click Here.

Step 2

Check mail.png

Check your email and open the VPN ALLIANCE activation email, then locate your VPN Username and Password 

email short.png

You can find your VPN Username and Passoword here 


3. Install the OpenVPN Connect application, and follow its instructions.


4. Once installation is complete, double-click on the OpenVPN Connect client from the system tray, or open the OpenVPN Connect app.


5. click the edit button 

* If no profile is showing, Select the "File" Tab, then click "browse" to import bundled.ovpn from your downloads folder.


6. Enter the username and password from your Activation e-mail. (check "Save password" then click "ADD")


7. Click the menu in the upper left corner.


8. Go to "Settings."


9. Make sure the "Reconnect on Reboot" checkbox is checked and set "Connection Timeout" is set to "CONTINUOUSLY RETRY."


10. Click the toggle to connect to the server and start your VPN connection.

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