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  • What is a VPN?
    A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a connection method that combines a tunneling protocol with high-level encryption to secure and anonymize an internet connection, essentially making a public connection private. Using a VPN also replaces your IP address with one from the VPN provider to further anonymize your connection. Using VPN Alliance has all the benefits of a traditional VPN and many more you can read more about at and
  • Why do I need a VPN?
    Using a VPN has countless benefits including anonymizing your internet connection and increasing your internet security and freedom. VPN Alliance also allows you to bypass geo-blocking to access a more free and unrestricted internet. You can read more about the benefits of VPN use on other parts of our website, including on the advanced tech info page at
  • Why should I trust VPN Alliance, who are you?"
    VPN Alliance was started by the core team of a privately-held ISP in the US because they saw the need for a better kind of VPN. One where their users are 100% sure their data is not being misused or exported out of the country. Our experience building, maintaining, and securing the internet connections of thousands of customers can now benefit our new customers at VPN Alliance.
  • Does VPN Alliance offer a free trial?
    Yes we do! VPN Alliance's Starter and Professional plans both include a full featured 7-day free trial so you can easily try VPN Alliance and see why our service stands above the competition.
  • Is VPN Alliance going to log my traffic?
    No, VPN Alliance has a strict no-logging policy and takes the privacy of its customers very seriously. You can read more about our no-logging policy at under Privacy.
  • How do I start using VPN Alliance once I've signed up?
    You will receive a welcome email with setup instructions, or you can view our more detailed setup guides at
  • How many devices can I use on my VPN Alliance account?
    Our Starter and Professional plans allow for up to 10 devices to be connected simultaneously per account. However, this default limit is only in place to prevent account sharing and other forms of account abuse. If you find yourself needing more than 10 devices on the VPN Alliance service, please contact us and we will make the necessary changes to your account to allow as many devices as you need!
  • Which VPN protocols does VPN Alliance support?
    VPN Alliance supports OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP and PPTP. We recommend all customers use OpenVPN by default, but you can read more about the pros and cons of each protocol and figure out which one is best for you and your devices at in section 2.4
  • Where are VPN Alliance's servers located?
    VPN Alliance runs a robust network of US-based servers, with server locations spread out in multiple parts of the country and many servers per location. One of VPN Alliance’s premium benefits is that we keep your data within the US. This provides a higher-quality trusted internet connection and is why our VPN is priced slightly higher than other VPNs who may "offshore” your data to cut costs. Additionally, VPN Alliance maintains a variety of international server locations to provide similarly robust connectivity to select customers abroad who prefer to route some of their data locally. To access our region-specific international servers, please contact us. 1-888-VPN-8772
  • My VPN Alliance connection isn't working, what should I do?"
    We recommend first restarting your VPN Alliance connection. This is usually enough to fix any minor connection breaks or hiccups, but if problems persist please contact our support department and we will be happy to help. 1-888-VPN-8772
  • My question wasn't answered here, how can I reach support?"
    You can contact VPN Alliance by visiting the Support page at and filling out the contact form with your question. If you prefer, you can email our team directly at, or call our hotline at 1-888-VPN-8772 to leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible. 1-888-VPN-8772
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